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Laser Gum Therapy

There Has Got to Be a Better Way

Traditionally, when you lose bone, have receding gums and need gum disease surgery, the diagnosis is clear: cutting, bleeding, pain and then comes the long recovery. While traditional surgical methods remain effective, they are not always predictable, precise and certainly not painless. There is good news for the patients of Dr. Kim in laser dentistry.

Laser Dentistry in Midtown, NY, with Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim utilizes the precision and accuracy of dental lasers for a wide range of procedures in his office, from bone grafting to periodontal treatments like osseous surgery and gingivectomies. As a patient of Dr. Kim’s you will benefit from less pain and faster healing with his minimally-invasive laser dentistry procedures using revolutionary lasers from BIOLASE including:

Waterlase at Dr. Kim general dentist in Midtown, NY

BIOLASE WaterLase®

Utilizing light energy and water, it delivers precise cutting without a scalpel. WaterLase® does not produce friction while cutting like a traditional dental drill, so there is no heat produced. No heat means no pain.

iPlus Laser with Dr. Kim general dentist in Midtown, NY

BIOLASE WaterLase® iPlus™

An all-tissue laser that ablates soft tissue and bone to reduce your discomfort and increases procedural accuracy for Dr. Kim.

Biolase Epic with Dr. Kim in Midtown, NY


A diode laser designed with three unique treatment settings including pain therapy, whitening and soft tissue surgery. Dr. Kim uses this laser for periodontal treatments, endodontic treatments, restorations, TMJ treatment, desensitizing and teeth whitening procedures.

Dr. Jong Wook Kim has 25 years of experience and proudly serves his patients with laser dentistry in Midtown, NY. To learn more about Dr. Kim’s laser periodontal services and to make an appointment, please call our office today!

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